Hi everyone!

We are Josephine & David and
we are driving all over the world. 

At the moment we travel with our
Land Rover Defender from Europe to Southeast Asia.

We drive, you follow!

Did you know?

🇮🇳 – Although the Islamic state of Pakistan is the 6th biggest country in the world population wise, more muslims were counted living in India (17,62,00,000) than in Pakistan (16,74,10,000) in a 2010 census.

🇵🇰 – In the Netherlands the budget for the army is about 1.2% of the GDP. Pakistan’s military expenditures, however, represented 25–29 percent of the GDP!

🇵🇰 – Did you know that China and Pakistan are working closely together? Check out the China-Pakistan Sea Pact. Some believe it will change Pakistan’s destiny…

🇮🇷 – Tehran has crazy traffic and the city is one of the 10 cities with the worst air pollution in the world. Because of this, there is a law of “every other day” for Tehranis who want to drive their car. According to the last number on their car license plate, they can either drive their car on “odd days” or “even days”.

🇹🇷 – Although Turkey has probably bigger things to talk about now, Erdogan is planning to dig a second maritime link between the Black and Marmara Seas, similar to the Panama Canal!


Driving Lesson 1 for Iran, Pakistan and India

Driving Lesson 1 for Iran, Pakistan and India

Traffic in India is crazy. Roads in Pakistan are terrible. In Iran we can not read the road signs. The toll is way too expensive everywhere we go. Everyone is honking at us, continuously, since we have left Europe. We can never find a service station anywhere we go. We are totally lost and it is hard these days, driving a car all the way to another continent.

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Change of Plans

Change of Plans

Before we left we had arranged only a few things. The Carnet de Passage for the car, a visa for Iran and a visa for Pakistan. That was about it. After Pakistan we would see how to get a visa for India, how to drive through Myanmar and what countries we would visit before getting into Indonesia. We had no idea what we actually wanted to see in the countries we were going to visit. The only plan we really had was to drive our car from The Netherlands to Indonesia.

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Crossing the border: from Iran to Pakistan

Crossing the border: from Iran to Pakistan

“What about the Taliban”, I asked. “Are they still active in this area?”. The Levies officer, holding an AK-47, gave me a big smile: “No Taliban here. No Taliban. Taliban is in Afghanistan. Maybe northern Pakistan. Not here. It is safe here.” I looked puzzled at him, although at the same time relieved, while he kept on talking: “Even the prince of United Arab Emirates comes here to hunt special birds. Russian birds! It is very safe!” Well, if even the prince of UAE comes here to hunt…

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