Josephine & David starring in a Pakistani commercial


As some of you might have seen on Instagram, we were asked to act in a Pakistani commercial. A Pakistani commercial? Indeed! It was a funny and good experience and it shows of in the video, but you might be wondering how we ended up there, so let me tell you that first.

We were walking around Lahore with our new kiwi friend Pearson. He liked our clothing, both of us wearing a Shalwar Kameez, and he wanted to have one too. We went with him and helped him picking the the cotton out and together we went to a tailor have it made. 

Hungry from the shopping, we stopped at a restaurant to eat some chenna. We asked the people working there if we could sit outside. Next thing we knew all the Pakistani people already sitting there, eating their meal, were asked to make way for us. We started protesting and tried to convince them it was not necessary, but of course this was to no avail. We sat down at the now cleared table feeling very guilty and enjoyed the chickpea curry. We then started talking with one of the guys who had been asked to move away for us and invited him at our table. After a nice meal of what we understood was the best chenna in town, our new friend asked us whether we might wanted to act in his commercial. Of course we wanted to! It seemed like a once in a life time experience, even though Josephine actually dislikes being in front of a camera and is very bad at acting…

Two days later we were picked up and brought to the set, where we received the full make-up and hair treatment. Here you can check out the result of that full day of shooting! What do you think? Do we look convincing?